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EDUC 190 2nd Sem 2011-2012 Class

Photo courtesy of Mimay Narciso

Congratulations for finishing the EDUC 190 course! 🙂


Instructional Events — Instructional Software: WORD NERD

Instructional Events

By Emil Pandy, Joan Hugo, Mae Amparo and Saki Tanaka

1. Motivation

Students can learn and use new English words in a very fun and exciting way!

Points will be given for every correct answer in each level to engage gamers.

2. Objectives

> After playing this educational software, students shall be able to:

– spell particular words correctly

– give the definitions of particular words using context clues  

> This software also aims to develop in students a sense of competitiveness and determination to reach the highest level of the game and to acquire a high score. 

3. Review of Prior Learning

Since our target users are from the early-to-middle grade school level, we are expecting them to know the definitions of basic word types – verbs, nouns, and adjectives.

Verb: a word that relays what a particular subject is or does. It is a descriptive word.

Noun: is a person, place, or thing

Adjective: modifies the noun

Additionally, by using our software, users will relate what they know about the proper spelling of words and their appropriate use and spelling

4. Information and Examples

The software will guide users to learn how to define words by using context clues or skills of interference (e.g. using synonyms), as well as to improve their spelling skills. The software contains many examples that will vary according to difficulty and test mode.

5. Practice and Feedback

The software is well designed to help the learner develop their vocabulary skills, including contextual clues, and word games. It does not only encourage consistent practice, but also gives the learner a clear feedback response to prevent them from losing interest and motivation.

6. Application and Summary 

The software was created for teachers and students. Teachers can use this to assess their students’ ability to spell particular words correctly and give the definitions of particular words using context clues. Using this software, students can learn new words and their meaning in a very fun way.

With the help of this software, students can be more confident with how they use words in a sentence.

Ini’s World of Counting {CS-EDUC Group 6’s Counting App}

We could never be prouder and happier to present to you the fruits of our labor. With much scrutiny under the watchful eye of evaluators Gian Pagunsan, Emma Grace Rullog, CJ Rivera, Anne Bernadette Santos and DM Florano, with the patience, persistence and efficiency of CS counterparts Francis Miguel Quilab and Joshua Balagapo, we are excited to share with you the counting game we’ve worked hard for!

Ladies and gentlemen, you are all more than welcome to try out our counting game for early graders!

To download. read through the following steps prepared by Francis Miguel Quilab:
1. Go to this link ->

2. Click “File” on the upper left, then “Download”

3. When download is finished, extract the files from the zip to a folder.

4. Open the extracted folder and click on the file named “protosite.htm”

5. Make sure to use the Google Chrome browser as this game may not fully load with other browsers.

* If the text in the game does not appear, install the font: “DejaVu Sans”. To save you the hassle, I have included it in the zip file. (DejaVuSans.ttf)

Have fun, everyone! You might want to share this game with your future kids. 🙂 Take note: future, the far-off future, okay? Not the near future.

Space Jam software

Wow. Iba pa din ang feeling kapag sinasabi ng cs groupmates namin na malapit na matapos sa ako na mismo yung nagnanavigate doon sa software! Hahaha. Heave. Seeing that I contributed to that. Hahaha. Though blank pa yung ibang pages at di pa gumagana yung ibang buttons, happy ako na gumagana na yung iba. Hahaha. Ang sarap lang niya iclick click. Hahahaha. :)))))

CS-EDUC Software 2nd Update Group 4

Our CS group mates asked us to think of a name for the software and “expressions” for teaching students using visuals. They are also working on the flow of the game in our software.

Project Update

Currently, we’re still working on establishing contact with our software developers. At the moment, as of our understanding, our project is still in the conceptual stage. We are unsure whether or not progress has been made by our Computer Science counterparts, because of the reason stated above.

So far, we have only been asked to provided a basic framework for the instructional software as well as an idea of what content we want to see.

CS-EDUC Software Update (2nd) – Group 2

We have not been able to communicate with our CS groupmates. We accessed their blog but they also have no updates. In fact, there’s only a wrongly placed link. However, we have been posting questions for our software for the past few weeks. Hopefully, they are achieving progress and that we will all be able to reach and update each other soon.